Xenharmonikôn, An Informal Journal of Experimental Music is devoted to all aspects of microtonal and xenharmonic music. XH covers a wide range of topics including:

Each issue of Xenharmonikôn includes numerous items such as:

Xenharmonikôn was founded in 1974 by John H. Chalmers and is published irregularly. Dr. Chalmers has edited all issues of XH except volumes 9 through 12, which were edited by Daniel J. Wolf. Volume 17 has just been published.

Xenharmonikôn is named after the astronomer Ptolemy’s summary of ancient Greek music, Harmonikôn en Biblia Treia, which translates in English as (On) Harmonics in Three Books, or simply the Harmonics. The prefix xen derives from the Greek word xenos meaning “strange.” The term xenharmonic was coined by Ivor Darreg to refer to music which does not sound like 12-tone equal temperament.

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