Xenharmonikôn Author Index

Complete through Volume 17 (Spring 1998)
Barlow, Jon
Monochordal Interpretations of Propositions in Euclid’s Elements
Volume 10
Benary, Barbara
Braid Piece (score)
Volume 4
Tonal Incarnations
Volume 4
Bohlen, Heinz
Letter to the Editor
Volume 17, p. 124
The Musical Animal’s Musical Adventures
Volume 17, pp. 41-56
Burt, Warren
“COMMAS” Dec. 92-Jan. 93 for Electronic Keyboard (score)
Volume 16, p. 103
Drones 1994 #2: Old Commas Inverted and Revisited (score)
Volume 16, pp. 99-102
Chalmers, John H., Jr.
The Application of Rothenberg’s Pattern Recognition Model to the Structure of Tetrachords and Tetrachordal Scales
Volume 3
Cents and Non-Cents: Logarithmic Measures of Musical Interval Magnitude
Volume 15, pp. 81-95
A Collection of Scales With Nineteen Tones
Volume 7+8
Computer Generated Tuning Tables (chart)
Volume 1
Cyclic Scales
Volume 4
Editorial and Prospectus
Volume 1
Information and Guidelines for Subscribers and Contributors to Xenharmonikôn
Volume 13, pp. 3-4
In Memoriam Ivor Darreg
Volume 16, pp. 4-18
Notes & Comments
Volume 2
Notes & Comments
Volume 3
Notes and Comments
Volume 4
Notes & Comments
Volume 5
Notes and Comments, Six
Volume 6
Notes and Comments: Seven and Eight
Volume 7+8
Notes and Comments
Volume 13, pp. 1-3
Notes & Comments
Volume 14, pp. 1-2
Notes & Comments 15
Volume 15, pp. 1-2
Notes & Comments 16
Volume 16, pp. 1-3
Notes & Comments 17
Volume 17, pp. 1-3
The Number of 23-Prime-Limit Superparticular Ratios Less than 10,000,000
Volume 17, pp. 111-115
Polychordal Arrays of MOS Scales
Volume 7+8
Volume 13, pp. 104-105
Review of Pitch for the International Microtonalist, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by Johnny Reinhard
Volume 13, pp. 100-101
Review of Pitch, Pi, and Other Musical Paradoxes, by Charles E. H. Lucy
Volume 13, pp. 102-103
Review of Principios de la Gama Dinámica, by Eduardo Sábat Garibaldi
Volume 16, pp. 126-127
Review of The Just Intonation Primer, by David B. Doty
Volume 15, pp. 96-97
Some Additional Nineteen-tone Scales
Volume 7+8
Some New Linear Temperaments
Volume 2
Tetrachordal Scales and Complexes
Volume 11, pp. 1-20
Three Approaches to Harmony in 13-TET
Volume 13, pp. 53-64
The Touch-Tone® Signal Pitches as Subsets of Stretched 14-Tone ET’s
Volume 15, pp. 74-80
The Triadic Diamond, the Triadic Reversed Diamond and Their Constituent Tetrachords when D = 3/2
Volume 15, pp. 60-73
Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones
Volume 9
Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones, Part Two: Derived Forms and Structural Properties
Volume 10
Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones. Part Three: The M->T and D->M Matrices
Volume 12, pp. 40-68
Chamberlin, Robert
A Symposium in the Study of Tricesimoprimal Music (advertisement)
Volume 5
Colvig, William
An American Gamelan
Volume 3
A Chart of All Superparticular Ratios from 2/1 through 81/80 with Value (or Size) in Cents (chart)
Volume 7+8
Darreg, Ivor
Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously (score)
Volume 5
Episodes in the 17-Tone System (score)
Volume 4
Guitar Fretting Table 19-tone (chart)
Volume 2
Harmonic Series Compared with Quartertone and 12-tone Tempered Scales (chart)
Volume 1
Harmonic Series - Normal Overtones (chart)
Volume 1
Ivor Darreg’s Musical Compositions Conceived for the Medium of Tape Recording (chart)
Volume 4
A Kind Word or Two About Alexander John Ellis on the Occasion of the Centennial 1885-1985 of the Second English Edition of His Translation of and Appendix to Helmholtz’s Sensations of Tone
Volume 9
List of Intervals Relevant to the Theory of Tuning (chart)
Volume 1
On the Enharmonic Tetrachord (score)
Volume 3
Prelude for Guitar, in E Minor (score)
Volume 3
Selections from Compositions by Ivor Darreg (score)
Volume 1
Table of Errors in Equally-Tempered Intervals (chart)
Volume 10
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 1
Volume 1
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 2
Volume 1
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 3
Volume 2
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 4
Volume 3
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 5
Volume 4
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 6
Volume 4
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 7
Volume 5
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 8
Volume 6
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 9
Volume 7+8
Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 12
Volume 14, pp. 53-79
Xenharmonic Frontier Vol. 1, No. 9: 21/oct (score)
Volume 14, pp. 50-52
Darreg, Ivor, and B. McLaren
Biases in Xenharmonic Scales
Volume 13, pp. 5-19
Erlich, Paul
Tuning, Tonality and Twenty-Two-Tone Temperament
Volume 17, pp. 12-40
Feldman, David
Going Places (score)
Volume 9
Without Frets (I): General Considerations
Volume 9
Forster, Cris
Ascent of the Phoenix (score)
Volume 7+8
Volume 7+8
Diamond Marimba II
Volume 7+8
Harmonic/Melodic Canon IV
Volume 7+8
Introduction to Everything
Volume 7+8
Fortuna, Clem
Composing in Seven Equal
Volume 13, pp. 77-79
String Quartet in Seven-Equal (score)
Volume 13, pp. 80-85
Garcia, Jose L.
A Linear Twenty-Nine Tone Scale
Volume 11, pp. 43-45
Genovese, Denny
Binary Flute
Volume 7+8
Gilson, Bruce R.
A Numerical Theory of Scale Invention
Volume 15, pp. 98-134
Grady, Kraig
Centaur - A 7-Limit 12 Tone Tuning (chart)
Volume 16, p. 93
Combination-Product Set Patterns
Volume 9
The Discovery of a 14-tone Scale
Volume 13, pp. 86-89
On the Nature of Working with Performers
Volume 16, p. 92
A Rhythmic Application of the Horagrams
Volume 16, pp. 94-98
Hackleman, Jay Scott
Some Details Concerning The 19-Tone Clavichord
Volume 5
Hanson, Larry A.
Development of a 53-tone Keyboard Layout
Volume 12, pp. 69-87
34-ET Notation System Based on Major and Minor Thirds
Volume 17, pp. 9-11
Harasek, Richard J.
On This Thing Called Scalatron
Volume 3
Scalatron Brochure (advertisement)
Volume 3
Well Tempered Notes
Volume 3
Well Tempered Notes
Volume 4
Harrison, Lou
At the Tomb of Charles Ives (score)
Volume 2
Four Items
Volume 1
Incidental Music for Corneille’s “Cinna” (score)
Volume 5
Item: Five-tone, Six-tone, & Seven-tone Modal Forms within the Traditional Matrix of Two Tetrachords Separated by a Nine to Eight
Volume 4
Item: Thoughts while Designing a Gamelan
Volume 7+8
A Phrase for Arion’s Leap (score)
Volume 3
Hartzler, Brian
Anthracite Sweetheart (score)
Volume 7+8
Haverstick, Neil
Mysteries (score)
Volume 16, pp. 116-117
Notes on Mysteries
Volume 16, pp. 114-115
Hero, Barbara
A Brief History of the Lambdoma and the Musical Properties of the Computer Program for the “Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard”™
Volume 16, pp. 104-113
Kimball, Buzz
Interactive Program - Just Modulations (computer program)
Volume 13, pp. 65-66
Season of Dust (score)
Volume 13, pp. 67-69
Leedy, Douglas
Giving Number a Voice
Volume 15, pp. 56-59
Review of On the Relations of Tone, by Martin Vogel
Volume 17, pp. 120-123
Review of Selected Musical Compositions (1948-1972), by Adriaan Daniël Fokker, edited by Rudolf Rasch
Volume 13, pp. 95-99
Review of The Science of Musical Sound, by John R. Pierce; and Lutes, Viols and Temperaments, by Mark Lindley
Volume 11, pp. 61-67
String Quartet (1965-1975), I.S.I.M (score)
Volume 9
Lewis, Kerry G.
Phrase in Free Style #1 (score)
Volume 3
Phrase in Free Style #2 (score)
Volume 3
Preface to “Two Phrases in Free Style”
Volume 3
London, Larry
Eight Pieces for Harp in Ditone Diatonic (score)
Volume 6
Four Pieces in Didymus’s Chromatic (score)
Volume 7+8
Makeig, Scott
Web of Fifths and Thirds (chart)
Volume 7+8
Mandelbaum, M. Joel
Multiple Division of the Octave and the Tonal Resources of 19-tone Temperament: Chapter 11 - Joseph Yasser
Volume 4
Marsanyi, R.
T1: california duet for trombone and trombonist (score)
Volume 13, pp. 70-76
Martin, Lynn Wood
Fabio Colonna’s Sambuca
Volume 7+8
McGoogy, Brink
The Year of the Monkey
Volume 15, pp. 19-26
McLaren, B.
An Analysis of Ivor Darreg’s XF1, Volume 1, Number 12
Volume 14, pp. 40-49
A Brief History of Microtonality in the Twentieth Century
Volume 17, pp. 57-110
Circles of Fifths
Volume 15, pp. 42-51
General Methods for Generating Musical Scales
Volume 13, pp. 20-44
An Interview With Ivor Darreg About “The Xenharmonic Frontier”
Volume 14, pp. 23-39
An Interview with Ralph David Hill
Volume 16, pp. 54-60
Ivor Darreg: An Interview About His Life and Work
Volume 16, pp. 19-35
The Low Profile of Those Higher Divisions of the Octave
Volume 14, pp. 8-11
Macrotonal Scales
Volume 16, pp. 36-44
More About Non-Octave Scales
Volume 16, pp. 45-53
9/Oct Piano Piece (score)
Volume 15, pp. 52-55
A Nostalgic Look at the 20s (& Other Microtonal Scales)
Volume 14, pp. 6-8
Those Difficult Teens (and Other Microtonal Scales)
Volume 14, pp. 3-6
The Uses and Characteristics of Non-just Non-equal-tempered Scales
Volume 15, pp. 27-41
The Uses and Characteristics of Non-octave Scales
Volume 14, pp. 12-22
Morrison, Gary
Decadence (score)
Volume 7+8
Decimal Music
Volume 7+8
A Graphical Technique for Finding Equally-Tempered Scales by Their Harmonic Resources
Volume 13, pp. 90-94
34-Tone Notation System Based on Adjusted 17-Tone
Volume 16, pp. 86-91
O’Connell, Walter
The Tonality of the Golden Section
Volume 15, pp. 3-18
Pedtke, Herman
31 Tone Meantone Tuning - Link Between Past and Future
Volume 6
Polansky, Larry
Four Bass Studies (what to do when the night comes…) (score)
Volume 10
Horn (score)
Volume 14, pp. 80-90
Movement for Andréa Smith (My Funny Valentine for Just String Quartet) (score)
Volume 7+8
Movement for Lou Harrison, for just bass quartet (score)
Volume 11, pp. 68-89
Movement for Lou Harrison, for Two Violins (score)
Volume 6
Piano Study #5 (for JPR) (score)
Volume 6
Will You Miss Me (score)
Volume 9
Rapoport, Paul
The Notation of Equal Temperaments
Volume 16, pp. 61-84
Notes Towards Quasi-Tonal Treiskaidekaphilia
Volume 13, pp. 45-52
Rosenthal, David
Four Duets for Psaltery and Harp (score)
Volume 7+8
Helix Song (score)
Volume 7+8
Saunders, Michael, and Michael Greenhough
Pitch, Scale and Tuning in Rusty: A Fuzzy Logic Approach to the Tuning Problem
Volume 17, pp. 116-119
Scholz, Carter
Epimores (score)
Volume 14, pp. 91-92
Notes on Lattice: one approach to dynamic tuning
Volume 17, pp. 4-8
Secor, George
An Approach to the Construction of Microtonal Valved Brass Instruments - The French Horn
Volume 5
The Generalized Keyboard Scalatron
Volume 3
A New Look at the Partch Monophonic Fabric
Volume 3
Notes and Comments
Volume 5
Specifications of the Secor Generalized Keyboard Scalatron
Volume 4
The Trouble with Equal Temperaments
Volume 5
Unified Visualization and Notation of Xenharmonic Systems
Volume 3
Sims, Ezra
A Question of Microtonal Notation
Volume 11, pp. 21-24
Stone, Thomas
The Evolutionary Music System
Volume 2
Sweidel, Martin
Fantasia in 19-Tone Equal Temperament (score)
Volume 7+8
A Short History of Thirty-One Tones to the Octave
Volume 7+8
Tanaka, Shohé
Studien im Gebiet der reinen Stimmung (A Translation of Pages 8 to 18 by Daniel J. Wolf)
Volume 16, pp. 118-125
Vyshnegradski, Ivan
Manual of Quartertone Harmony (Translated from the French by Ivor Darreg)
Volume 6
Walker, Douglas
“The Dayspring,” music for 19-tone clavichord (score)
Volume 6
The Golden Net (score)
Volume 5
An Imaginary Nocturne (score)
Volume 14, pp. 93-108
“… out of fathomless Dark/into limitless Light …” (score)
Volume 7+8
Three Short Preludes (score)
Volume 6
Walker, Matthew
limit19.c, a limit 19 calculator for just intonation music composition (computer program)
Volume 14, pp. 109-113
Westbrook, A. Peter
Guitar with Interchangeable Fingerboards
Volume 6
Wilson, Ervin M.
Bosanquet - A Bridge - A Doorway to Dialog
Volume 2
The Bosanquetian 7-Rank Keyboard After Poole and Brown
Volume 1
A Classification of Tonal Systems, and a Proposed Standardization of Signatures
Volume 2
D’alessandro, Like a Hurricane
Volume 12, pp. 1-39
The Marwa Permutations
Volume 9
19-tone Clavichord (advertisement)
Volume 4
19-Tone Scale for the Clavichord-19 (chart)
Volume 6
On Linear Notations and the Bosanquet Keyboard
Volume 3
On the Development of Intonational Systems by Extended Linear Mapping
Volume 3
The Pitches of Meantone Assigned to the 19-tone Generalized Keyboard (chart)
Volume 5
The Purvi Modulations
Volume 10
The 12+7+12=31 Geometry Applied to 3 Percussion Keyboards
Volume 4
Wilson, Ervin M., Stephen Smith, and Kraig Grady
Notes on a New Marimba, its Tuning, and its Music
Volume 11, pp. 46-60
Wolf, Daniel J.
Mr. Cage, His Ghosts, and Cheap Imitation(s)
Volume 11, pp. 34-42
Notes and Comments
Volume 9
Notes and Comments
Volume 10
Notes and Comments
Volume 11, p. ii
Notes and Comments
Volume 12, p. ii
Speculum Pélogi
Volume 11, pp. 25-33
Supplement: Makers of Instruments, et cetera, Part 1 (advertisement)
Volume 12, pp. 88-89
Trio: The Sands (music that doesn’t bother) (score)
Volume 10
Xenharmonikon I through Xenharmonikon X, an Index (chart)
Volume 11, pp. 90-93
Young, La Monte
The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China (1962): Notes by the Composer
Volume 9